Hi, there!

Thanks for visiting! This is my personal blog, it's pretty simple... just about my life and everything in it. Family, my love, friends, work, passions, my love for hair, clothes, makeup, anything pretty, little home projects, funny stories, lessons learned, advice, traveling, and anything in between. 

I think happiness is a choice.
Love is everything.
I cannot wait to be a mom. 
I love being a wife and feel so blessed to how found my husband.
I like doing nice things for people to make them smile.
I am shy.
I love Diet Coke.
I am going to run a half marathon one day.
I enjoy bikram yoga.
I like homes with porches and swings.
I love big comfy beds. 
I love my job, and have never dreaded going. I'm proud of that and I am thankful everyday. 
I love meeting people who inspire me with their huge hearts.
I go to Target entirely too much.
I love unexpected acts of kindness.

One day I got stuck on a couple absolutely adorable blogs. I was smitten. I read and clicked and read and clicked and was left inspired. There was nothing left to do except start my very own.

This is my everyday life, and I welcome you to it.
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