Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The BEST Basic Black Maternity Dress!

So this is a very BASIC outfit post but it’s also very real. This is SO comfortable yet I think it still looks put together. I found this dress at Old Navy on sale for like $12.99 last week and could not pass it up. It fit great and it’s black, can’t go wrong on this staple. The funny thing is, I bought this same exact maxi the day after Thanksgiving but in a tank version for summer. It was on sale for I think$8.98 and I knew when spring finally came, I would be in need. So now I have it in the 2/4 sleeve version and the tank. I’m set.
I paired it with a bright scarf for some color and I ended up adding a belt to it when we went on a dinner date. The belt accentuates the bump for sure. Then some flat or flip flops and I was good to go!
I’m feeling good these days, definitely noticing the belly growing A LOT! It’s such a fun reminder to wake up to though, she’s just right there. Such a crazy… yet amazing experience.  We went on a dinner date with some friends this weekend after I did this post so I was wearing this dress and it shows my tummy quite a bit and I notice people looking. I haven’t had this happen too much yet but now that I am really showing I tend to notice people looking at my belly. I was washing my hands in the bathroom and these 2 girls were in there talking about snowboarding (the restaurant is down from a ski resort) which they had just returned from. I heard them talking about how much fun it was and I thought awe my first Utah winter and no snowboarding for me. Bummer. Then one of the girls looked at me and said you look so great! Just out of nowhere she gave me the nicest compliment. She said you are so cute with you belly and look great, I just had to tell you. Then her friend said, yeah you do and told her friend she was so glad she said something. They both made me feel so good. It’s the little things that just brighten your day. You never know how the smallest compliment or gesture goes a long way. Thank you to those two girls for brightening my day!
If you are keeping up with my blog, I mentioned last week that I have the glucose test on Friday as well as that RhoGam shot but I honestly am not dreading it. I like going to the doc to ask questions as well as just get an update that all is OK. Other than that, everything is just moving along.
I found some great items at HomeGoods last week so the house d├ęcor is coming along, same with items for baby girl’s room. My mother-in-law is making a crib skirt and I am on the hunt for fabric for her curtains. We found some great chairs for our living room and a new couch so little by little we’re getting prepared. It’s exciting and I cannot wait to have our own house again. It makes this all SO worth it.
Later this month is my baby shower in Phoenix, my girlfriends are so wonderful and are planning that so I am definitely looking forward to going there and have the nice warm weather and time with friends and family. The countdown has for sure begun!
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